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May 31
Customer story

Gsodam reduced timber trailer weight by 20% with Strenx® steel

Since switching to SSAB’s Strenx® 700MC E steel, Gsodam, an Austrian manufacturer of vehicles for timber transports, has reduced trailer weight by up to 20 percent. The result of building light and durable is timber trailers with increased load capacity.

May 30
Other news

Ruukki upgrades load-bearing sheet production line in Anderslöv, Sweden

Ruukki Construction, part of the SSAB Group, has upgraded its load-bearing sheet production line in Anderslöv, Sweden, and can now also supply its customers with stronger T130M load-bearing profiles in addition to the former T130 profiles. The investment of approximately SEK 4 million in the improvement of the production line strengthens Ruukki’s ability to supply strong and light micro-profiled roof structures for customers’ commercial and industrial buildings, especially in the Nordic countries.

May 30
Other press releases

SSAB underlines the need for green standards at the TTC meeting in Luleå, Sweden

The EU-US Trade and Technology Council (TTC) meeting within the framework of the Swedish EU presidency takes place in Luleå, Sweden, on May 30-31 with, among other things, visits to SSAB and Hybrit. During the two days, SSAB highlights the importance of continued good conditions for the green transition, including the need for Europe, together with the US, to develop ambitious green standards that support the transition of the steel industry globally.