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Jun 2
Regulatory press releases

SSAB invests in green transformation of production in Oxelösund

SSAB’s Board has taken an investment decision for the green transformation of the Oxelösund mill. The decision will enable a 3% reduction of Sweden’s total CO2 emissions and the aim is to start production of steel without carbon emissions, based on recycled steel and sponge iron, during quarter 4 in 2026.

Jun 1
Other press releases

Ponsse to become first forest machine manufacturer to use SSAB fossil-free steel

SSAB and Ponsse Plc, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cut-to-length forest machines, have joined forces in a partnership in which SSAB is to deliver fossil-free steel to Ponsse gradually beginning in 2026.

May 31
Customer story

Gsodam reduced timber trailer weight by 20% with Strenx® steel

Since switching to SSAB’s Strenx® 700MC E steel, Gsodam, an Austrian manufacturer of vehicles for timber transports, has reduced trailer weight by up to 20 percent. The result of building light and durable is timber trailers with increased load capacity.