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Jan 27 2023

Goodwill impairment during the fourth quarter

SSAB makes an impairment charge of SEK 33.3 billion related to the Group’s total goodwill of SEK 33.6 billion. The impairment is reported as an item affecting comparability in the fourth quarter of 2022 and does not affect cash flow. SSAB has a strong financial position and the ability to pursue its dividend policy is unaffected.

Jan 27 2023

Year-end report 2022: Record full-year earnings

The fourth quarter · Revenue was SEK 30,138 (27,337) million · Adjusted operating result was SEK 3,768 (6,961) million · Adjusted earnings per share were SEK 3.18 (5.30) · Goodwill impairment of SEK 33.3 billion, reported as an item affecting comparability · Net cash was SEK 14.3 (2.3) billion · The Board proposes a dividend of SEK 8.70 (5.25) and given SSAB’s strong financial position, an authorization to buy back up to 10% of all outstanding SSAB shares will be proposed to the AGM Full-year 2022 · Revenue was SEK 128,745 (95,891) million · Operating result was SEK -4,355 (18,837) million including the goodwill impairment of SEK 33.3 billion and adjusted operating result was SEK 29,283 (18,837) million · Earnings per share was SEK -10.57 (14.24) and adjusted earnings per share was SEK 22.38 (14.24)

Jan 25 2023

The year starts with SSAB's annual Steel Pile Day

Foundation construction industry professionals gathered on 19th January 2023 at SSAB's Steel Pile Day in Pasila, northern Helsinki. The event brought together approximately 300 contractors, designers, equipment manufacturers, authorities, students, and a large number of other people who were interested in the field.