Picking up a load at SSAB in Borlänge

At SSAB, we always put safety first. Our goal is to become the world's safest steel company. This means that no one should be injured at work, and that everyone should return home just as healthy as when they came to work. This applies to employees, contractors and suppliers.

Inadequate load securing can have serious consequences so it’s important to ensure that loads are secured properly and safely. These four short videos show you how this is to be done.
Drivers are responsible for the load and securing the carog. All load securing equipment such as locking straps, chains, roll stops, walls and other items, must be supplied by the transport company.

To make it easier for everyone involved to deal with this properly, we have put together all the information in a brochure - Picking up a load at SSAB in Borlänge – which you can download here.
In addition to English, it’s also available in Swedish, German, Polish and Russian.


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Collecting a load at SSAB Borlänge