Diversity and equal opportunities

Our success depends heavily on the competence and engagement of our employees. SSAB operates globally, and has approximately 15,000 employees from diverse demographic backgrounds in more than 50 countries. Leveraging this diversity is a prerequisite to providing a superior customer experience.

However, working with diversity in terms of having a diverse workforce will not automatically improve our employee engagement or financial performance. SSAB strives for an inclusive leadership and corporate culture, meaning that employees feel a sense of belonging and have equal opportunities to contribute and succeed. 

The steel industry is traditionally male-dominated, and with 19% of our employees being women, SSAB is no exception. We believe that improving gender balance will positively contribute to our performance culture and be more responsive to customer needs.  In order to increase the number of women in top management, SSAB launched a diversity target in 2015, aiming to have women in 30% of the top management positions in the company by the end of 2019. 

SSAB has a long-term goal of increasing the presence of female employees across the company. Women in top management positions serve as important role models for others, which drives further development. To further accelerate this process, in 2016, we initiated a high-level in-house mentoring program, which proved successful and was re-launched during 2017. The process is a mutual learning experience for both mentors and mentees, through challenging each other, exchanging experiences, broadening perspectives and building networks across the organization. 

SSAB has a number of initiatives and tools to raise awareness and promote diversity and inclusion in the company:

  • Internal workshops and sessions focusing on diversity and inclusion with high-level managers
  • Global management planning
  • Global employee survey
  • Consortium programs for management and leadership development
  • Networks and internal mentoring programs
  • Our management philosophy, SSAB One, an one important tool for how we can incorporate and work with inclusion in our everyday work
  • Collaboration with other companies and authorities: In several locations across Sweden, SSAB partners with local municipalities to create internships for people with diverse backgrounds, including those from outside the country. This provides participants an opportunity to be part of a workplace, learn another language and learn about the labor market in Sweden
  • To ensure that the various initiatives in this area are carried out as planned, SSAB has appointed a coordinator for the diversity work at Group level