Thesis story

Thesis projects are part of SSAB's recruitment process. This opportunity allows you to get to know us at the same time that we get to know you. We publish open thesis opportunities on Job opportunities page. Read here two examples of a student's thesis story.

Amanda Lindblad, ex-employee at SSAB in Oxelösund

Why did you choose to write your degree project at SSAB?
First and foremost, I think it’ a very interesting organization that is also in a challenging phase of its journey where a lot is happening. I study product and process development at Mälardalen University and I am passionate about development in sustainability. I want to be part of this work going forward, and then saw SSAB as a very interesting organization.

Describe the topic of your thesis
I’m creating flow simulation for Härdlinje 2, where I’m investigating the opportunities and challenges involved, and how the digital model can be further developed towards a digital twin of the entire line. This could make it easier to make decisions, create investment materials and make changes in the process.

hat have you learned so far while writing your dissertation?
I’ve gained a much greater understanding of the current manufacturing process, where there is a risk of potential bottlenecks and queues. I’ve also begun to see how we, together with the development of Industry 4.0, could work further towards a more automatic process where, with the help of historical data, we can identify errors before they occur.

What has been the most challenging part so far?
I would probably say to delimit the project. Digitization and development of more digital tools in the manufacturing industry is very interesting.

Who is supporting you during the dissertation?
I get invaluable help above all from my supervisor at SSAB, but also the whole work team is very helpful and supportive, I really get to feel like one in the group. I also have a supervisor from the university, who helps me follow the school's requirements for the degree project.

What plans do you have for the future?
I want to continue working with development and digitization, and to be involved and contribute to a more sustainable society.

Amanda Lindblad

Tiina Riskilä, Graduate Student at SSAB's Raahe mill

How did you end up doing your master thesis for SSAB?
I worked as a Development Engineer Trainee for the summer. Afterwards I was offered a possibility to write my Master Thesis for SSAB. I have studied process metallurgy at the University of Oulu, so SSAB was a natural choice.

Describe the subject of your thesis
In my thesis I researched if it is possible to use coke fines and charcoal in coal blend and how they will affect the quality of the coke. I made small-scale coking experiments with different kinds of coal blends. Using coke fines in coal blend would raise the recycling rate which is indeed a good thing.

What steps did you do during this thesis writing process?
I learned a lot about the coking process and the phenomena of it. After making the research plan I did coking experiments and during the writing process I saw how the theory works in practice.

What was the hardest or most difficult part of the thesis process?
My subject was extensive, which made this as a challenging project. Also staying on schedule was very important.

Who helped you and who did you work with?
My supervisors helped me at SSAB and at the university. I worked also with laboratory employees at the research center and the coking laboratory.

What are you future plans?
First I will graduate and afterwards I hope to I find a job!