Do we have your dream job? There are many ways you can join us at SSAB. Besides international job vacancies or opportunities in high-tech production environments, we offer a choice of development and training programs. The steel industry is not just about the steelmaking process, but also about its people. This is why we strive to be a good workplace and an attractive employer. We want our employees to feel included, engaged and motivated to take responsibility for their own personal development.

SSAB is transforming the future of steel. Join us!

Working at SSAB

At SSAB, we aim to have the most dedicated employees since we are convinced that this leads to job satisfaction, workplace wellbeing and world-class performance.

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Summer jobs

SSAB offers hundreds of summer jobs for students from different educational backgrounds. Summer jobs are mainly located at our Finnish and Swedish production sites. These jobs provide students with practical work experience in the industry.

We are seeking students with ambition, a positive attitude and a sense of responsibility for your own safety and the safety of others.



The steel industry is not just about steel, but also about its people. We want our employees to feel engaged and motivated so we strive to be a good workplace and an attractive employer.

Working at SSAB

Meet our people

Get to know more about our employees and learn about what motivates them and their daily challenges at work.
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Read more here about the opportunities you have as a student to get to know us even better at SSAB.
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Digitalization trainee program

SSAB creates world-class customer experience via Digital Commerce and is optimizing processes and production using new technologies. We now seek new skills through our Digitalization Trainee Program in Helsinki and Stockholm.

European Graduate Program

European Graduate Program

SSAB is taking the lead in decarbonizing the steel industry, this is the beginning of a transformation that can drive sustainability in ways we can only begin to imagine. To be able to manage this journey towards the future we need a strong and driven workforce that believes in its mission and want to contribute and we are seeking for those persons via our SSAB European Graduate Program.

Technical development trainee program

Each year SSAB headhunts young engineers to join the company via a challenging trainee program. Technical skills and global views are at the core of the program.
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Business Development Program

Would you like to work in a friendly work environment characterized by passionate, interested and knowledgeable employees? Would you like to work with key strategic projects and create opportunities for an exciting future career within SSAB?

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Apr 30 2019

Water treatment to protect the environment

Can waste water be interesting may someone ask. Sure, it´s a really exciting and important area to work with. My name is Kati Manninen and I’m a young professional at SSAB Europe Oy in Raahe. I work as a Water Treatment Plant Specialist.