Engineering services

Engineering services

SSAB has launched a new global engineering platform offering leading innovation and project management throughout the full product development cycle – from concept development to full scale production. Our vast steel knowledge and over 50 years of experience in developing products and engineering solutions with our clients, helps you boost competitiveness through services including:

  • Lean product development by combining design and manufacturing experts with computer simulations (CAD, FEM tools)
  • Reverse engineering with laser scanning and optimization of the wear life of  components based by  DEM simulations
  • Evaluation of welded structures,  writing of the Welding Procedure  Specification (WPS) and implementation of post weld treatments (HFMI)
  • Design and fabrication of storing and welding jigs
  • Determination of the actual loads and fill factor of your equipment with DEM
  • Advanced material testing

Beginning with the OEM’s perspective, SSAB Product Development and Engineering works to find potential product portfolio improvements. Then, specialist engineers are allocated to support in the product development process. The early stage cooperation and unique SSAB development methods give a head start that reduces time-to-market – as well as costs.

Key benefits of the offer

We provide the fastest and best development support available for steel applications.

Lean design process: 
We provide the fastest and best development support available for steel applications. SSAB engineering team works combining specialists in design with Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS),production specialists and CAD designers in a lean way. Work is done in a multi expertise team. This leads to high turnover of product design iterations

Design for production: 
All design proposals are thought to be efficiently and robustly produced

Implementation of new technologies aimed to maximize the properties of the AHSS:
Post welding treatments like HFMI, DEM simulations, and other tools are incorporated from the design phase.

Smart and smooth enhancing of the SSAB technical offer 
As a customer, you have access to on-site tech support, expert advice in structural design, forming, joining, production efficiency, as well as opportunities to outsource the supply of parts and kits. Now, SSAB offers the possibility to manage the full project, taking your product from the conceptual design to the manufacturing drawings in a very short time.

Your best investment resides in our expertise.

As an SSAB customer, you gain access to vast knowledge about how to design and fabricate products with Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) – for stronger, lighter and more sustainable products.

In addition, SSAB Engineering provides leading innovation and project management advice throughout the entire product development cycle, virtual and physical prototyping as well as the serial production of steel components.