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    General Product Description

    The Docol HR550Y600T HE steel is the next generation of hot-rolled high-strength low-alloy steels with improved local formability for higher edge ductility and cut-edge quality which leads to greatly improved hole expansion.

    Docol HR550Y600T HE are especially suitable for operations where high strength in combination with demanding forming is needed where cut edges may limit the forming operation.

    These next generation steels have a new and closely controlled production method resulting in a fine microstructure and steel and with excellent formability and cut-edge quality. The Docol HR550Y600T HE is less sensitive to tool-settings and -wear, and will deliver an improved cut-edge compared to conventional HSLA grades.

    This grades is also well suited for forming and bending operations with a bend radius of 0xt and compared to a conventional HSLA grade, the typical hole expansion result is improved with approx. 30 percentage points.

    Docol HR550Y600T HE will excel when optimizing any fine blanking, stamping or forming operation and will push the limit on how to utilize the benefits of steel.

    Docol HR550Y600T HE can after agreement be adapted and delivered as dual certified with S550MC according to EN 10149-2.

    Dimension Range

    Docol HR550Y600T HE is available as Hot-rolled pickled and oiled coil, slit coils and cut to length sheets in thickness of 2.00*) - 7.00 mm and widths up to 1600 mm. Length up to 16 meters.

    *)Some restrictions may occur, and will be handled on request.

    Mechanical Properties

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      Coating Yield strength Rp0.2
      (min MPa)
      Tensile strength Rm
      Elongation A80 1)
      (min %)
      Elongation A5 2)
      Hole expansion ratio 3)
      (% typical)
      Min. inner bending radius for a 90° bend
      Docol HR550Y600T HE UC 550 610 - 750 12 16 65 0.0 x t
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        The mechanical properties are valid in the longitudinal direction.

        Bending properties for both longitudinal and transversal direction.

        1) A80 value applies for thicknesses < 3.00 mm.

        2) A5 value applies for thicknesses ≥ 3.00 mm.

        3) HER –ratio is average of three test results out of five tested samples by excluding minimum and maximum results.

        Chemical Composition (ladle analysis)

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          (max %)
          (max %)
          (max %)
          (max %)
          (max %)
          (min %)
          (max %)
          (max %)
          (max %)
          Docol HR550Y600T HE 0.12 0.03 1) 1.80 0.025 0.010 0.015 0.09 2) 0.20 2) 0.15 2)
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            The steel is grain refined.

            1) If the material is to be hot-dip galvanized, this must be specified in the order.

            2) The sum of Nb, V and Ti is max 0.22%.


            Hot-rolled (UC): Tolerances in accordance to EN 10051.

            Customized dimensional and shape tolerances are available on request.

            Fabrication and Other Recommendations

            For information concerning fabrication, see SSAB´s brochures on or consult Tech Support.

            Appropriate health and safety precautions must be taken when bending, welding, cutting, grinding or otherwise working on the products.

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