The cuttability of advanced high-strength steels

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45 Min
Webinar: The cuttability of advanced high-strength steels

Different AHSS/UHSS microstructures deliver different cut and punched edge results and properties. “Cuttability” — the ability for a material to form a good quality edge — is not the same as cut edge ductility. In addition, machine settings for the cutting and punching of AHSS/UHSS steels will affect the final performance of the cut/punched edges.

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In this webinar, Marcus Folmerz, SSAB Forming Specialist, will cover:

  • How do cut edge properties vary for different AHSS/UHSS microstructures?
  • What determines the final quality of the AHSS/UHSS cut/punched edges?
  • How can you optimize the settings of your cutting and punching machines for consistently high cut/punched edge quality?

Marcus Folmers

Forming Specialist, SSAB

Marcus has worked at SSAB for over eight years in the areas of product development technology and forming for automotive advanced high-strength steels. With a master’s degree in material science, Marcus has helped SSAB develop material data, forming simulations, and the optimization of AHSS/UHSS forming methods. Marcus also leads Docol® on-site seminars and project meetings worldwide with our OEM and Tier 1 customers.