Structural and cold forming steels

Want to make your products lighter yet stronger than before?

By using thinner and stronger structural and cold forming steels like high-strength, advanced high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels, you can save on production costs thanks to easy bendability, cold-forming properties and surface treatment. Additional savings in welding work and filler materials can also be achieved when material thickness is minimized.

For example, a crane that is lighter, longer and stronger reduces the need for movement while increasing payload and efficiency. Upgrading a crane boom to Strenx 1100 MPa from 650 MPa can increase the crane's strength by a full 70 percent, while the amount of material needed to build it is reduced by 40 percent.

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SSAB's top tips for designing with advanced high-strength steel

SSAB's top tips for designing with advanced high-strength steel

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