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Buying Hardox® In My Body certified buckets is a great way to get peace of mind. You’ll get buckets and attachments that are hard, tough, cost efficient and made from genuine Hardox® wear plate. Manufactured to the highest standards by a qualified, thoroughly assessed program member. Hardox® In My Body is the right choice to keep you up and running.

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Taking quality to the next level

A higher level. Confirmed.

This sign represents first-rate buckets and attachments that deliver unsurpassed wear resistance. So, when you see the Hardox® In My Body sign you can be sure you’re getting a superior product manufactured using Hardox® wear plate by a qualified program member.

Innovation takes you higher

Bucket design is always on the move, keeping pace with the evolution of wear-resistant steels and manufacturing processes. Hardox® In My Body members always strive to improve performance by increasing load capacity, digging productivity and service life. The members exclusively use Hardox® wear plate in their certified earthmoving equipment. Thanks to the steel’s unique combination of hardness and toughness, the members design and manufacture state-of-the art equipment that’s lighter yet more durable.

Hardox® In My Body excavator bucket

10 reasons why you should level up to a Hardox® In My Body bucket

  1. High productivity

  2. Take high impact without being deformed

  3. Fight the most challenging abrasive environments

  4. More payload

  5. Lightweight products

  6. Longer service life

  7. Reduce maintenance and repair costs

  8. No unexpected failures causing downtime

  9. Increase service life, up to 50%

  10. It’s a certified Hardox® In My Body product

Benefits on a higher level

Don’t settle for less. Minimize the risk of expensive breakdowns and downtime, and help your hard-working machines withstand the daily grind. Get harder, stronger, tougher and more productive with Hardox® In My Body certified buckets and attachment tools. We’ve got you covered, whether you work in mining, construction, quarrying, road building, recycling, demolition, agriculture or any other business that benefits from buckets on a higher level.

Lower weight for higher capacity

Lower weight for higher capacity

A bucket made in Hardox® wear steel can be made lighter and more durable compared to a bucket made in conventional steel. More load equals more work done in less time.

Hardox® In My Body loader bucket

Extends service life by up to 50%

Certified buckets made in genuine Hardox® wear steel resist all kinds of wear from any type of abrasive material. Trust your Hardox® In My Body member to extend the service lifetime of your equipment.

Higher resale value

Higher resale value

The Hardox® In My Body sign of quality has a serial number that is unique for every certified bucket. For the used equipment owner, it guarantees that the bucket is made in genuine Hardox® abrasion-resistant steel for an easier sale and usually a higher resale value.

A global presence

Hardox® In My Body members and their certified equipment can be found all over the world. The program currently supports more than 500 members in 60 countries, and the numbers are growing rapidly. Massive numbers of buckets, including construction buckets, crusher buckets, digging buckets, excavator buckets, grading buckets, rock buckets, screening buckets and skeleton buckets, are busy giving an extra edge to their owners. Want to take your business to the next level? Get in touch with us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Hardox® In My Body bucket by Verco


Verco – Extreme equipment for productivity and profitability

Italian manufacturer and parts supplier Verco started putting its trust in Hardox® wear plate nearly as soon as the company was founded several decades ago. Today, it uses an impressively wide range of Hardox® grades.

Hardox® In My Body bucket by Goldmont Engineering

Goldmont – Revolutionizes underground mining with 25% lighter buckets

Goldmont Engineering has produced an innovative loader bucket using Hardox® wear plate from SSAB. Its new Outcast bucket™ is specially designed to withstand high levels of abrasion and impact wear in demanding environments.

Hardox® In My Body bucket by Lameter

Lameter – Aiming to be a cut above the rest in excavator attachments

Earthmoving and excavation attachments must be robust enough to withstand this environment. And they need to operate for long, uninterrupted periods without a break. Hardox® wear plate in the company’s products means less wear and less weight.

Hardox® In My Body bucket by Antech

Antech Attachments – Excavation equipment that lasts 50% longer

As a manufacturer of earthmoving attachments for the global construction and mining equipment markets, the Hardox® In My Body member Antech Attachments must ensure that its products can stand up to tough working conditions.

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