GreenCoat PLX Pural BT

GreenCoat PLX Pural BT

Highest level of durability with 50-year guarantee

GreenCoat PLX Pural BT, available in regular and matt finishes in many colors, offers the highest level of durability for standing-seam systems. It offers top Nordic quality steel, environmental benefits and durability, and come with a 50-year technical guarantee.

GreenCoat PLX Pural BT can be formed by hand with no “spring-back” and is workable at temperatures down to -15°C which many other metals do not offer. This benefit allows for cost-efficient year-round installation. It offers the highest level of durability for standing-seam systems and is highly resistant to corrosion (RC5), UV radiation (Ruv4) as well as scratches.

GreenCoat PLX Pural BT uses a bio-based coating which uses a substantial portion of Swedish rapeseed oil instead of fossil oil, which is unique on the market. SSAB holds a worldwide patent for this coating technology.

SSAB’s color coated steels comply with current REACH regulations, are fully free of chromates and are all manufactured according to EN 10169 +A1.

GreenCoat PLX – "The Roofer’s Choice"

Carl Cross, from Zinc and Copper Roofing Ltd (UK), has installed GreenCoat PLX on a roof and shares his thoughts with us. Take a look at the film."

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Svitky materiálu GreenCoat

GreenCoat PLX Pural BT

GreenCoat PLX Pural BT


Outdoor durability

Mechanical durability

Enhanced formability

Corrosion resistance

Wide color offering

Bio-based Technology (BT)


  • Snow White
    RR19 / SS0001

  • Quarry Grey
    RR287 / SS0244

  • Anthracite Grey
    RR2H8 / SS0087

  • Mountain Grey
    RR23 / SS0036

  • Nordic Night Black
    RR33 / SS0015

  • Chestnut Brown
    RR887 / SS0435

  • Cottage Red
    RR29 / SS0758

  • Tile Red
    RR750 / SS0760

  • Silver Fir Green
    RR5J3 / SS0975

  • Leaf Green
    RR594 / SS0874

  • Metallic Silver
    RR40 / SS0045

  • Metallic Dark Silver
    RR41 / SS0044

  • Metallic Gold
    RR42 / SS----

  • Metallic Copper
    RR979 / SS0778