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Responsible business practices

SSAB’s vision and values are the foundation for our company culture and form the basis for our policies and governing guidelines. The Code of Conduct, the Environmental Policy and the Health and Safety Policy are the most important Group policies from a sustainability perspective.

Policies and guidelines

SSAB´s values define who we are and what we stand for, and serve as a compass for our actions and behavior. Our values guide us daily in making the right choices and doing the right thing. Our values are complemented by our policies and guidelines. The Code of Conduct, the Environmental Policy and the Safety Policy are the most important company polices. SSAB also has local policies and guidelines that complement the Code of Conduct and correspond to the challenges the company faces in different geographies. All of our policies and guidelines are regularly reviewed and updated.

Code of conduct

SSAB’s Code of Conduct (Code) applies to everyone in the company worldwide, regardless of function, grade or standing, and is communicated to employees through e-learning. The Code is SSAB´s ethical compass and outlines guidelines for SSAB’s behavior vis-à-vis stakeholders and the market. The Code helps us translate values into action and forms the basis for our environmental and social responsibility commitments. The Code requires compliance with legislation and regulatory requirements. The provisions of the Code take precedence over all other policies in a division or at a subsidiary level and, in certain cases, may be more far-reaching than national laws and regulations. The Code is based on international standards including the UN Declaration of Human Rights and UN Global Compact Principles. The Code covers areas such as environment, health and safety, employee relations, personal integrity and business ethics. SSAB has also published a guide that summarizes SSAB´s Code and relevant policies to guide employees on how to handle business relationships and how to approach ethically challenging situations which may occur in our daily work.

Safety policy and environmental policy

SSAB is committed to creating value for our stakeholders and to building relationships based upon respect, responsibility and excellence with our employees, customers, shareholders and other business partners – and to doing so in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. SSAB is determined to be the safest steel company in the world, with the objective of achieving zero accidents, work-related injuries and illnesses. The provision of a safe and secure work environment for our employees, contractors and visitors who spend time at our sites is the highest priority. Every employee who works for SSAB has the personal responsibility to work in a safe manner every day. Working safely is a fundamental condition of employment at SSAB. Occupational safety is part of the integrated management system. Our Environmental Policy establishes the most important ambitions for SSAB’s environmental work and covers those environmental aspects which play a key role in the sustainable development of SSAB’s business. The Environmental Policy supports the day-to-day work across the organization and essentially entails the following:

  • SSAB will continue to develop products and services in collaboration with customers, so as to actively contribute to environmentally sound and profitable business
  • SSAB believes in the efficient use of raw materials and energy, while minimizing waste