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SSAB in social media

SSAB is present in a number of social media channels. We aim to communicate with a variety of themes and everyday things at SSAB, to follow developments in our industry and to share interesting content via these channels. We mainly post updates in English, but also cover certain events and news in relevant local languages.

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Facebook is our main social media hub, and is an informal channel for customers, employees, partners, stakeholders and others who are interested in SSAB.

LinkedIn is a channel aimed at employees and people who are interested in working at SSAB. It is also a channel where we are able to take part in industry discussions and share information that can be of interest for metal industry professionals.

Twitter is a channel where we focus on communication for journalists and investors, as well as interaction with customers, opinion-leaders and partners.

YouTube is where we publish all of our films, including informative films about the company and steel, films for people interested in working at SSAB, and our educational series “Minds of Steel”.

Instagram is our channel where we publish images mainly from our events and our steel products. We communicate to our customers, the press, employees and people who are interested in working at SSAB.