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October 18, 2017 10:56 CET

Opening ceremony where Strenx was presented has royal seal of approval

As a partner of Waves4Power, SSAB took part in the official opening ceremony for the new, power-generating buoy (wave energy converter) with elastic anchors that was built at Fossnavåg, some 70 km (44 miles) from Ålesund on the west coast of Norway. The intention is that this energy buoy will deliver green energy to the fishing industry and others who do not have access to the main grid.


At the opening ceremony, Joakim Nyström from SSAB not only had the opportunity to explain how SSAB can use Strenx high-strength steel to develop the next generation of buoys to be stronger, lighter and more cost-efficient, he also had the opportunity to show Strenx to several other Norwegian actors. 

“Our participation was very successful, as we had the opportunity to present Strenx Steels to the Norwegian fishing industry. We also had the opportunity to explain to the entire board of Wave4Power how we, together with Fortaco, can offer a complete machine structure for Wave4Power’s energy converters. And we had the opportunity to discuss high-strength steels with the R&D Director from Rolls Royce,” explains Joakim Nyström.


His Majesty King Harald declared the energy converter open

Together with a ten-year-old boy from the neighborhood, His Majesty King Harald led the opening ceremony for the wave energy converter.

The opening ceremony was a public celebration, with more than 2,000 present. During the visit, His Majesty was able to meet the management team of Waves4Power and many of their partners. He was also able to visit Waves4Powers wave energy buoy at the bird island of Runde. A buoy has been connected to the Norwegian grid since June 2 this year in order to show that it works and generate energy. 

“The King was both interested and updated. He asked lots of good questions. It was a great honor to be able to present our wave energy converter,” says Jan Melsom, Waves4Power’s Norwegian representative.

His Majesty was also given presentations, including the plans for the Next Generation buoy, by Waves4Power and a number of business partners during a conference in the concert hall at Thon Hotel Fosnavåg.

Waves4Power is a Swedish company registered in Gothenburg, Waves4Power develops and sells fossil-free energy systems based on wave power. Waves4Power focuses on sustainability, serviceability and profitable electricity generation. The core of W4P’s wave power system is a power-generating buoy with elastic anchors. The company has developed the latest generation of wave energy collectors since the prototype of the WaveEL buoy was launched near the island of Vinga in the Gothenburg archipelago in 2010. W4P is currently working with a network of commercial industrial partners and in close collaboration with parties including Chalmers University of Technology.