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September 15, 2017 12:45 CET

“Superior customer experience from online tools”

At SSAB we pride ourselves at putting our customers business in focus, but to do so we need to listen to the customers and also meet their needs for fast, easy communication. Following our successful pilot project in SSAB Americas we will now continue with a global digital platform and a portal for all our customers. A portal that eventually can be used by all customers.

“If we claim to provide a superior customer experience we also need to make the tools available for it”, said Viktor Strömberg Vice President Strategy at SSAB.

The target for the common Customer Portal is that customers find all the relevant information they need for their business with us in one place. In the initial launch, targeted for Q1 2018, customers will be able to see stock availability and find their material certificates in the portal. More functionalities such as order tracking, retrieving documents, handling claims, etc. will be launched in sequences during the coming years.

Giving the customer the opportunity to handle these types of issues digitally give our sales people a chance to use their time to discuss the customer’s needs rather than handling administrative issues.

“We don’t want to take away the personal contact with the customers, we want to enable more ways of finding information and to conduct business,” said Per Elfgren Head of Market Development, SSAB Special Steels.

Customers are becoming more and more accustomed to self-service solutions. When using the portal to its full potential, we can get to the point where SSAB and the customer discuss our joint business and how we can develop a common relationship that creates value.

“We are not alone; it is being done by all of the market. So basically we have to continue to develop our digital customer relations in order to stay ahead and exceed expectations,” Viktor Strömberg concluded.