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June 18, 2017 08:00 CET Oxelösund, ssabOX, High Strength Steels, Strenx, Performance steel

SSAB breaks new ground with Strenx

SSAB is a growing force in the thick high-strength steel plate segment and after new research and development, Strenx performance steel has advanced with a new dimension range of up to 120 mm. The steel is one of the most impact-resistant, resilient and flexible products in SSAB’s range. This is the material used in Ludde Ingvall’s super maxi racer, the over 30-meter long racing boat CQS.

“Our ambition is to be a world leader in thick high-strength steel plate and with Strenx 1100 we’ve taken a big leap forward. By focusing on this, we have achieved a strength in thick plate that we didn’t think possible a few years ago”, said Lars Johansson, Sales Manager SSAB Special Steels.  

Strenx performance steel 1100 MPa is currently available in thicknesses of up to 40 mm. Thick high strength plate over 100 mm is one of the most difficult products to manufacture. After much research and development, SSAB in Oxelösund is now able to produce Strenx 1100 in a thickness of 120 mm.  

“The next challenge will be to develop production processes on an industrial scale for such advanced steel,” said Lars Johansson. 

As part of the development process, an approx. 5.5 meter-long keel with a 7500 kilo bulb was produced for skipper Ludde Ingvall for his 30 meter long super maxi racer CQS. This keel reduces current resistance and maximizes speed. Strenx 1100 in the 120 mm thickness was able meet the high demand for durability by being both very strong and resilient. The keel will be on show for the first and only time in Sweden and lifted up in a specially-built cradle during its unique 24-hour stopover in Oxelösund.  

Together with our customers, SSAB continuously upgrades the material and design of applications. The benefits of upgrading to high-strength steel include reduced weight, improved fuel economy and extended product lifetime – all of which significantly contribute to reducing a product’s carbon footprint, i.e. an EcoUpgrade.