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Technical development trainee program

Each year SSAB headhunts young engineers to join the company via a challenging trainee program. Technical skills and global views are at the core of the program. The next application period will open during Spring 2018.

SSAB is a leading producer on the global market for Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) and Quenched & Tempered Steels (Q&T), strip, plate and tubular products, as well as construction solutions. To stay ahead of competitors, we are actively sharing the existing knowledge in the company. In addition, we acquire new information outside the company by recruiting talented engineer graduates to our Technical Development trainee program.

The total length of the trainee program is 18 up 24 months. The content and number of participants vary depending on actual needs, as well as on the ability and ambition of the trainee. There is no permanent site or position during the program, but instead short training blocks in specific technical areas with well-defined projects. Performance is supported by mentors and evaluated regularly.

If you have questions, please contact technical.development.program@ssab.com


Oskar Thorstensson:

“I joined the Technical Development trainee program in August 2014. During the first two weeks I visited all the production lines in Oxelösund and followed the processes in the steel and rolling mill. This gave me a good understanding of how the raw material is transformed step-by-step into steel.

Since this induction, I have had 4 months of projects in the Knowledge Service Center in Borlänge, the Quench and Tempering Technology Center in Oxelösund and in Technical Support in Oxelösund. For a recently graduated engineer, it is really nice to see that SSAB is a company that focuses a lot on research.

I have got a really good overview of the company and its products, processes, vision and strategy. It has been inspiring to get to know many dedicated and skillful professionals, to whom I can turn and ask for advice in my future work. Of course, the program has also given me an insight into many potential functions and tasks, and put me in contact with potential future managers, which feels like a real luxury for a recently-hired employee.

I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to meet a lot of new people and see ongoing activities to further develop products, customer experience and market opportunities within the company. I am really impressed with the activities I have seen and been involved in so far. In future, I would like to gain more knowledge about metallurgy. I am a mechanical engineer and have limited knowledge about the inside of steel. Hopefully I will get the chance to visit the steel and rolling mills in Raahe, the tube mill in Hämeenlinna and, of course, the blast furnace in Luleå.”


Tanja Halsteen:

“I graduated from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) in February 2015, and in March, I started on the Technical Development program. After an induction in Oxelösund, I went to Borlänge to start working on my first project in the forming group at the Knowledge Service Center.

I really like the concept of the program, with a chance to work both in smaller projects at different departments and directly in production. For me, the program is very useful since I am not completely sure in which area I would like to work in the future. The projects are long enough to go deeply into each field, but short enough to get technical diversity and explore own capabilities.

In this kind of internship, you get a really good overview of the company and its different departments. As we are placed in each department for only a limited time, I need to be active to get as much out my time there as possible. This means, for example, participating in customer and training visits such as the Hardox Wearparts global meeting. An outgoing attitude helps as much of the program is about getting to know new people and networking.

I am quite a restless person in general, thus this program suits me very well. I like it when things happen fast and when you can see the results. My first project has been in the forming group in Borlänge. I had to go to a new, for me quite unknown, place and work within an area I know very little about. I have learnt a lot, and am still learning new things as I at the same time get the possibility to embrace a different environment.”