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SSAB's vision is a stronger, lighter, and more sustainable world.


A stronger, lighter and more sustainable world

Together with our customers, we will go further than anyone else in realizing the full potential of lighter, stronger and more durable steel products.


Our values form the guiding principles of our company.

They shape our culture and characteristics. They serve as a compass for our actions and behavior, and describe what we stand for. Values guide us daily in making the right choices and doing the right things.
SSAB values: The customer’s business in focus

The customer’s business in focus

  • We constantly listen to and understand our customers’ needs.
  • We aim to always take an active, long-term interest in our customers’ business.
  • We want to earn our customers’ trust.
  • We want to be our customers’ innovation partner.
SSAB's values: Taking responsibility

Taking responsibility

  • We build strong, long-lasting relationships by being professional, cooperative and honest.
  • We keep our promises.
  • We work safely and responsibly.
  • We respect people and strive for diversity.
SSAB's values: Exceeding expectations

Exceeding expectations

  • We are dedicated, ambitious and proud of what we do.
  • We are straightforward, results-oriented and quickly take action.
  • We don’t do things that don’t create value for our stakeholders.
  • To achieve top performance, we always challenge ourselves and further enhance our expertise.
SSAB's strategy graph in English
SSAB's market environment


SSAB’s strategy aims to secure the company’s long-term development to create value for shareholders and other stakeholders. SSAB’s main financial objective is to secure industry-leading profitability and to generate solid cash flows, enabling debt reduction and shareholder dividends.

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Financial targets

SSAB has three financial targets within three different areas.




SSAB aims for an industry-leading profitability measured as EBITDA margin among comparable peers*.

Capital structure

The Group's operations are cyclical. The objective is a long-term net debt/equity ratio of 30%.


Dividends are adapted to the average earnings level over a business cycle and, in the long term, constitute approximately 50% of profit after tax, taking into consideration the net debt/equity ratio. It should also be possible to use dividends to adjust the capital structure.
* AK Steel, Dillinger, Nucor, Salzgitter, Steel Dynamics, Tata Steel Europe, ThyssenKrupp, US Steel

Sustainability targets

At the end of 2019, SSAB will have achieved the following targets:

  • A lasting reduction of 200,000 tonnes in CO2 emissions
  • A lasting reduction of 300 GWh in purchased energy (electricity and fuels)
  • A lasting improvement of 30,000 tonnes in residual utilization
  • A group-level target for women to hold 30% of top management positions in the company by the end of 2019 (up from 23% in 2015)

In addition to environmental targets, SSAB has updated its social responsibility targets, including areas such as performance dialogs, diversity, business ethics, compliance with SSAB’s Code of Conduct and supply chain management. The company will also focus on improvements in other sustainability-related areas, like health & safety, where SSAB aims to be the safest steel company in the world, and the increased environmental benefits derived from the use of SSAB’s high-strength steels.

SSAB's targets