Level up your dump and tipper bodies

Tipper and dump bodies, dump trays, skip bins and other containers that come with a Hardox® In My Body certification deliver outstanding productivity and service life. You can be sure they are manufactured to the highest standards by a qualified, thoroughly assessed Hardox® In My Body program member.

Taking quality to the next level

Reaching for a higher level

This sign represents first-rate tipper and dump truck bodies, dump trays and structures that deliver unsurpassed wear resistance. The Hardox® In My Body sign is a confirmation of state-of-the-art design and production using genuine Hardox® wear steel to its fullest potential. We call it a sign of quality because the products are sure to live up to that promise.

Innovation has come a long way

Tipper and dump bodies and dump tray design is always on the move, keeping pace with the evolution of wear-resistant steels and manufacturing processes. Hardox® In My Body equipment is a popular favorite because it’s light, strong and cost effective to produce and operate, while helping you achieve higher load capacity and longer service life. The use of smart design and Hardox® wear steel is what makes it all possible. Hardox® steel grades are constantly being developed to deliver unmatched combinations of wear resistance and impact toughness.

Next-level numbers for dump and tipper bodies

conventional tipper body with stiffeners
Hardox® In My Body tipper with no stiffeners
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      Ask for benefits on a higher level

      Hardox® In My Body certified equipment minimizes the risk of expensive breakdowns and downtime. Your hard-working bodies have the stamina to take the daily abuse and return to base in good shape. Just ask and you’re on the way to a stronger, tougher and more productive future.

      Hardox® In My Body tipper in action

      On a higher level

      Lower weight for higher capacity

      A dumper or tipper body made in Hardox® wear steel can be made lighter and more durable compared to equipment made in conventional abrasion-resistant steel. With Hardox® it’s possible to reduce the steel’s thickness while retaining or even increasing durability, gaining valuable reductions in tare weight for more payload.

      Fuel savings

      Save on fuel

      With lighter equipment you get more productivity and use less fuel for each ton transported. And when a truck moves empty, the lower body weight means fuel savings go in both directions.

      Hardox® In My Body tipper last longer

      Longer lifetime

      When Hardox® wear steel goes up against wear, it stays hard and tough longer than any conventional AR steel. Trust your Hardox® In My Body member to deliver bodies, bins and trays like no other.

      High impact toughness

      High impact toughness

      It only takes a fraction of a second to see why smart design and Hardox® wear plate make a winning team. The large unrestricted area of the side can take the impact force from large, heavy objects and distribute it over the plate, resisting dents and cracking.

      A global presence

      There are more than 500 Hardox® In My Body members in 60 countries, and the numbers are growing rapidly. Massive numbers of certified dump and tipper bodies and trays are hard at work all over the world, giving their owners productivity at a higher level. If you’re not already part of that crowd, get in touch with us and we’ll show you the benefits.

      Hardox® In My Body tray by Schlam
      On a higher level

      Schlam – Meeting miners’ needs with high productivity dump bodies in Hardox® wear steel

      Open-pit mining is tough. But so is Hardox® wear steel in mine dump truck bodies. For bodybuilder Schlam, it performs herculean work in their Hercules HX bodies.

      Hardox® In My Body agriculture tipper by Farmtech

      Farmtech – Agricultural tippers that are “indestructible,” customers say

      The recipe for the success of the heavy-duty dump tipper Gravis 2000 is to use Hardox® 450 wear plate throughout the model’s body.

      Hardox® In My Body tipper by Grunwald

      Grunwald trailers – Withstanding the harshest environments thanks to Hardox® steel

      “We choose Hardox® 450 because of its excellent resistance to both wear and the formation of dents and cracks – even in the harshest operating conditions”

      Hardox® In My Body tipper by Industrias Baco

      Industrias Baco – Building a new body in Hardox® 500 Tuf which lasts 30% longer

      The body’s conical halfpipe design also makes unloading easier, with materials such as clay or sand flowing more freely than with a standard rectangular design.

      Hardox® In My Body tipper by Mantella
      On a higher level

      Mantella – Tipper bodies designed to last and save costs

      Semitrailer OEM Mantella took its trailer design into the stratosphere with the new Hardox® steel, Hardox® 500 Tuf. The company implemented major design advances in the use of high-strength steels produced by SSAB. As a result, it revolutionized the design of its innovative Stratosphere tipper trailer body and saw the benefits skyrocket.

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