Benefits on a higher level

Buying a Hardox® In My Body certified product is a great way to get peace of mind. Whether it’s an excavator bucket, a tipper body, a container or any other product, you know the equipment is highly productive, durable and cost-efficient.

Long-term cost efficiency

Long-term cost efficiency

Hardox® In My Body certified equipment ticks all the boxes when you look for new equipment. Productivity, durability, low operating costs, safety – it’s all there to your benefit. Let a Hardox® In My Body manufacturer show what long-term cost efficiency means for your business.

Increased payload

Increased payload

Whether it’s a bucket, tipper body or container from a Hardox® In My Body member, the higher load capacity is a result of weight-optimized design and use of Hardox® wear steel.
Fuel savings

Fuel savings

When the equipment gets lighter, you get more productive and use less fuel. More tons hauled and more material moved for every litre of diesel. And when a truck travels empty, the lower weight means fuel savings in both directions.

Long service life

Long service life

Having equipment that just keeps on delivering is a strategic business factor. Premature replacement of equipment that’s not up to scratch is costly and impacts productivity. Hardox® In My Body members always use Hardox® wear plate in their equipment, ensuring it will meet your highest expectations on long-lasting performance.

Low maintenance

Low maintenance

Every operator of heavy equipment in tough applications knows: unnecessary downtime can jeopardize a successful business. Certified Hardox® In My Body equipment is designed and manufactured to give you minimum maintenance and repair costs and maximum uptime.
Satisfied owner

High resale value

The Hardox® In My Body sign of quality has a serial number that is unique for every certified product. For the used-vehicle owner, it’s a guarantee the product is made with genuine Hardox® wear plate for long-lasting performance, giving you an easier sale and usually a higher resale value.

Verify the Hardox® In My Body sign

Verify your product’s authenticity

The Hardox® In My Body sign on your vehicle’s body or other equipment is proof that it is made of genuine Hardox® wear plate, and not an imitation. To check the product’s authenticity, simply scan the QR code on the sign.

I live Hardox®

Meet Zeb, a 30-something contractor in the machine industry who lives closer to Hardox® than probably anyone else.

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Get to the next level with the best in the business

Hardox® In My Body is a quality program for OEMs that strive to be leaders in the business. Products with Hardox® In My Body certification are reviewed and approved by SSAB, ensuring state-of-the-art design, exceptional manufacturing quality and the use of genuine Hardox® wear plate. Members of the Hardox® In My Body network can be found all over the world. Today the program supports more than 500 members in 60 countries, and the numbers are growing rapidly.

Whether you work in mining, construction, quarrying, road building, recycling, demolition or agriculture, you can find a Hardox® In My Body OEM that makes the equipment you need. Certified excavator and wheel loader buckets, tipper bodies, containers, steel skips, grapples, concrete cutters and other products deliver high productivity and long service life to their owners. Want to take your business to the next level? Get in touch with us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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