SSAB’s high strength steels provide an improved economy and environment in all stages. From a life cycle perspective, the high strength steels generate lower carbon dioxide emissions than standard steels. Light and durable steel designs save material and energy, both in the production and user stages. High strength steels are stronger than standard steels. Consequently, less steel is used in the manufacture of a product, which also reduces emissions.

High-strength steels reduce transportation emissions

An advance, high-strength steel makes it possible to produce vehicle structures that weigh much less, which increases the load efficiency and reduces the emissions from transportation. Vehicles, excavation machinery and lifting cranes made of SSAB's steel last longer, which in turn reduce emissions.

SSAB delivered 1 585 (1,713) thousand tonnes of niche products in 2012, which was 38 % (37) of the company´s  shipments. SSAB's strategy is to increase shipments of niche products to 50% of total shipments in 2015.

SSAB to lead the development

SSAB has a Research and Development Council tasked with leading the development and realizing the potential of high strength steels. The Council coordinates work within the area and is entrusted with ensuring a continuous transfer of technology between the business areas.

Through an established dialogue between SSAB and its customers, new products are developed which meet the needs of the various markets. SSAB has Knowledge Service Centers in the different business areas. The aim is to strengthen SSAB's position as a leading producer of high strength steels, while at the same time developing the markets in North and Latin America and Asia through advanced offerings based on SSAB's cutting edge expertise.

Strengthened positions in China

Nearly one half of the steel produced in the world is used in China, which is considered  the engine of the global steel market. SSAB is now strengthening its positions in Asia, particularly in China, in order to offer various high-strength steel products in the region.

By investing in a finishing line in Kunshan , SSAB will be able to reduce lead times and optimize the products based on the customers´ needs. With the new research and development center in Kunshan, SSAB will become an important partner for Chinese customers, who will benefit from the knowledge and experience available within the Group.

In 2012, 160 (214) thousand tonnes of niche products were shipped to Asia, which corresponds to 10 % (12) of SSAB’s total shipments. Asia's share of the total shipments of niche products is estimated at 20% in 2015.


  • By manufacturing dumper beds of SSAB high-strength steels, the weight has been reduced by 8 tons and fuel consumption by 10%.
  • By using high-strength steels in a sky lift, the plate thickness has been cut down by half, increasing the lift height and load capacity and reducing the size of the vehicle to small truck class.
  • A framed truck bed, constructed of SSAB's high-strength steels is approximately 1,300 kg lighter compared to standard steels constructions. This means 30 tons less carbon dioxide emissions in the lifetime of a truck.