• Updated workshop recommendations for Armox

    Now there is a new version of the Workshop recommendations brochure for Armox. Here you will find recommendations for cutting, welding, bending and machining.

  • Armox 为 SUV 提供装甲防护。

    纵览 British Armour 的客户名单,除了联合国以外,您还会看到总统和警察机构的名字。公司营业额每年增长 20%。 “‘很不幸’,业务蒸蒸日上”,CEO Finn Wattenberg 说道。“近日来,个人安全成为当务之急。”

  • 位于华盛顿的安全可靠的瑞典大使馆

    建造在华盛顿的独一无二的瑞典大使馆,于 2006 年投入使用。这里的氛围是开放而透明的。然而这里的建筑得到了世界上强度最高的防护钢板 Armox 铠达钢的保护。


ARMOX 370T has the highest toughness in our range

Its superior toughness makes this steel a common choice for applications with high requirments on blast protection. The purity and composition of the steel also makes the steel easy to process, including excellent properites for welding and bending.

ARMOX ADVANCE is the hardest steel in the market

It is so hard it seriously challenges the hardness of ceramic plates. But it still offers all the advantages of steel, including the toughness required for withstanding multi-hits and the machinability to simplify your design and production process.