OHSAS 18001

All major production plants within SSAB are certified in accordance with OHSAS 18001, an international safety management system. The work has contributed to further strengthening routines for ensuring safer working methods, creating clearer instructions and safer workplaces.The plant in Johannesburg, South Africa, is also certified in accordance with OHSAS 18001. In the long term,plans are also in place for certifyingplants within SSAB APAC. Within the Group,Tibnor is certified in accordance with OHSAS18001.The operations within SSAB Americas continue to show low accident statistics, and SSAB Americas is an industry leader as regards safety work.

Sick leave

Sick leave was largely at the same level in 2013 as in 2012. Preventive healthcare activities within the scope of the reduced work time program in the Swedish operations were an example of preventive and health-promoting activities. SSAB makes preventive health care programs available to employees within all parts of the business.

Dialogue and reporting

It is important for SSAB that employees are able to speak their mind and contribute their views on the business and how it should be developed. Employee surveys are an important tool in the implementation of improvement work within the organization. Based on results from the employee surveys, each supervisor devises improvement areas which address areas for development. Every second year, an employee survey is carried out covering the entire Group.


SSAB employees should feel a responsibility to act in the event irregularities are uncovered. Since 2010, a whistleblower system has been in place for the entire Group,to which employees can anonymously report serious irregularities and violations of the Company’s policies. Since 2012, an e-learning course regarding business ethics and the Whistleblower function is available to all employees.In 2013, nine complaints were reported to the Whistleblower function, of which to date four matters have resulted in SSAB taking measures. Following an investigation,three matters were considered not to justify any measures being taken by the Company,and two matters are still under investigation.