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SSAB at the Expo 2010

SSAB is an official partner of the Swedish pavilion at The World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, which will run between 1 May and 31 October 2010. SSAB will be represented in the pavilion in a double sense of the term: both as an exhibitor and on the façade which will be clad in new Prelaq Energy, a new product from SSAB.

Expo 2010 is expected to be the biggest Expo ever. Well over 200 countries and international organizations will participate. Approximately 90 million people will visit Expo 2010 during its six month duration, 95 per cent of them being Chinese.
The theme for Expo 2010 is “Better City, Better Life” and the keywords for the Swedish contribution are innovation, communication and sustainability. These words have been further evolved into the theme “Sweden – Spirit of Innovation”.

Expo 2010 Swedish pavillion Swedish pavillion at Expo 2010

For SSAB, the designated keywords for the Swedish exhibition make for a perfect fit. ”Innovation, communication and sustainability” is precisely what we stand for.
China is the largest market in the world economy, and based on its status as a world-class steel manufacturer, it is a major focus for SSAB to enter and become established in the Chinese market.
Our participation at Expo 2010 is an important part of our long-term and massive investment in the Chinese and Asian markets.

SSAB at the Expo 2010

SSAB takes part in the Expo in several ways. The most visible contribution is the roof and the external walls of the Swedish pavilion, which feature Prelaq Energy covering. This will be an excellent opportunity for displaying one of our products in its real setting. 
On the 13th and 14th of May, SSAB will also host two full day events for current and potential customers, journalists and other interested parties, where they will learn more about SSAB and our products. This includes a display to show how they can be used and the present and future benefits of our products. Group executive management will attend these events.

Expo 2010 Swedish pavillion Swedish pavillion

Actually SSAB´s program in the Swedish pavilion starts already a couple of days before the 13th of May with a so called “Innovation Race”. During 72 hours (May 9-12) a team with employees will work on new ideas on how to utilize high strength steels. The “Innovation race method” is invented by professor Kaj Mickos. And the idea is to start with a defined problem and come up with solutions and innovations that can be presented to the market in 72 hours. The process is open and the results will be displayed in the Swedish pavilion.

Prelaq Energy will lower costs for air-conditioning

For all visitors the most visible contribution from SSAB will be the external walls of the Swedish pavilion.

“The architects have chosen Prelaq Energy from SSAB for the roof and external walls. SSAB is sponsoring the construction of the pavilion and proposed that material from SSAB be used, namely Prelaq Energy which reflects heat. It’s very hot in Shanghai," says Roy Johansson, project manager for Prelaq Energy.

 "With this material, it will be possible to reduce energy consumption in buildings by up to 15 per cent throughout the year, at the same time as the indoor climate becomes more comfortable," explains Roy Johansson. The largest area of use is within commercial and public properties, where cooling and heating costs are often significant.