Более тонкий лист для более эффективных мусоровозов

Прочность и долговечность Hardox позволяют компании Labrie Environmental Group использовать более тонкие листы для кузовов транспортных средств. Это выражается в снижении веса транспортных средств и увеличении грузоподъемности при уменьшении расхода топлива.


To build lighter and stronger bodies

The Labrie Environmental Group manufactures some of the best equipment on the market for the waste and recycling industries. The company was founded in 1933 and made a name for itself in the refuse industry in 1971 when it launched the Top Select refuse collection truck for collecting directly from the roadside. More than 3000 Top Select vehicles are now in operation and Labrie has grown into the third largest North American manufacturer of equipment for waste management. The vehicles are sold through 50-odd distributors under the Leach, Labrie and Wittke brand names.

These are some of the technically most highly advanced refuse collection vehicles on the market. They are comfortable, ergonomic and productive and have a high collection rate without damaging the carts, bins or containers, says Loic Marchand, the company’s Marketing Director.

Labrie continually strives towards building lighter, stronger and more durable vehicles. This is where SSAB Hardox steels play a major role.



Hardox yielded all in one

Noha Mandour, the Group Communications Director at Labrie, says:
The refuse emptied into the truck body causes wear of the floor plates. When we were using other steels, we had to change parts and carry out maintenance work more often. A customer who operates 60–70 vehicles will cut the maintenance costs substantially if we use Hardox.

But there are other benefits too:
Lighter bodies also enable higher payloads to be carried within the legal stipulations, and ensure more efficient operation, since the durability of SSAB steels also contributes to raising the quality of the vehicles.

Hardox also enables Labrie to use whole plates in the side walls of the bodies.

Compared to two or three plates that are welded together, a single Hardox plate is both stronger and more resistant to corrosion, since there are no welded joints. One Hardox plate also looks better, since customers have a much larger flat surface that can be used for advertising and pictures, declares Noha Mandour.


Loic Marchand, marketing director


Lower operating and maintenance costs

Benefits to customers
Lower operating and maintenance costs
The strength and durability of Hardox enable us to use much thinner plate for our vehicle bodies. This reduces the vehicle weight and thus cuts the fuel consumption – which is important, bearing in mind that most refuse collection trucks start and stop about every 15 seconds, says Loic Marchand, and continues.

For the operators, the higher investment cost is counterbalanced by the long-term savings due to the lower maintenance and operating costs.

“Lighter refuse collection trucks use less fuel”

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