In efforts to obtain the overall objectives of the Group, the interaction between values, vision and strategy is decisive.


A stronger, lighter and more sustainable world

Together with our customers, we will go further than anyone else in realizing the full value of lighter, stronger and more durable steel products.


The customer’s business in focus

We always take an active interest in the customers’ business and seek long-term relationships. By sharing knowledge, together we create value.


We are dedicated and proud of what we do. We build strong relationships by being open-minded, straightforward and honest and by sharing information and knowledge.

Always ahead

We are result-oriented. To achieve the highest performance we always proactively seek to be innovative and enhance our expertise further.

External commitments

SSAB is a member of the UN's Global Compact and supports the ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.


Strategy for long-term value creation

SSAB’s target is to be one of the most profitable steel companies in the world and thereby create a long-term presence in the business. Similarly to the entire steel industry, SSAB is affected by the macroeconomic climate and the severe fluctuations in economic activity of recent years. The Group’s work is focused on achieving increased efficiency and greater flexibility in the organization. SSAB’s strategic objectives are global leadership within high strength steels, a leading position in the domestic markets and the ability to offer leading value added services.

Global leadership within high strength steels

High strength steels provide the customer with advantages by making possible stronger, lighter and more durable products and solutions. Through new uses and innovative applications, SSAB’s steel can provide customers with both productivity and environmental benefits and a longer lifespan for the products themselves. These aspects are particularly important for customers at a time when major focus is being placed on resource efficiency and cost savings.

Strong market position

Europe, North America and Asia are three important strategic markets for SSAB. In Europe and America, where the markets are mature, a gradual switchover is taking place from standard steels to high strength steels. In the emerging markets, Asia, Latin America and Russia consumption of high strength steels is expected to grow.

The Nordic region and North America are SSAB's domestic markets, with significant local production. SSAB is the leading supplier of strip steel in the Nordic region, while in North America it is the leading supplier of heavy plate. Proximity to the customers and relationships with them, as well as short delivery times, are of importance to retain the market positions.

Leading value added services

SSAB offers its customers added value through an extensive service offering connected to its products. For example, by strengthening the ‘Wear services’ offering within wear steels, cooperation between SSAB and the customer is enhanced.