SSAB's environmental manager for EMEA and the environmental manager for SSAB Americas are the key figures of the Council. They are also responsible for other environmental work in activities outside Europe. There are special environmental departments within each business area and subsidiary that are responsible for ensuring compliance with laws and contracts, as well as administering permit applications. They are also responsible for measuring and reporting of environmental data.

All business areas and subsidiaries within SSAB have integrated operational systems to coordinate aspects relating to:

  • Environment and climate
  • Product quality
  • Working environment

All production units have environmental management systems approved in accordance with ISO 14001 and which are integrated in the operational systems.
Each business site with production facilities has identified their most significant environmental issues. Targeted activities are performed within these areas in order to make improvements. Specific self-inspection programs ensure monitoring of the local environment at every SSAB production site, such as the collecting of water and air samples and monitoring of noise levels. The results are reported to the relevant supervisory authorities.