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Hardox increases payload of new waste disposal trucks

When SITA Deutschland GmbH wanted 12 new state-of-the-art waste disposal trucks, with specially developed containers, it relied on the partnership of Becker Machine Construction and Containerbau Hameln for high quality and on-time delivery.

Containerbau Hameln, which produced the containers for the new trucks, has been a partner of Becker Machine Construction for 27 years and is an official member of SSAB’s “Hardox in My Body” program.

“Thanks to Hardox, no braces were necessary to stabilize the containers,” explains Volker Greiner, associate of Containerbau Hameln. “Instead there is a depression on the sides, which keeps the containers from extending or deforming.”

Because of the light but strong Hardox plates, it was possible to construct the sides using 3.2 mm Hardox and the floor in 4.0 mm. The effect: the containers are a ton lighter and the truck with trailer can take up to two tons more load. This is a gain of 20 percent more payload.

“We’re pleased once again to have proved the outstanding quality of Hardox,” says Jens Fehling, regional sales manager at SSAB.

In addition, the containers have a moveable inner wall, which makes it possible when collecting glass, for example, to separate the glass by color in two different compartments. This saves gas and time.

At the delivery of the trucks in Hassfurt, Germany, on December 16, SITA representative Gerd Baumann praised the commitment of all the parties involved.

“Quality requires reliability, and reliability has a price,” says Baumann. “But thanks to their advantages as opposed to cheaper alternatives, these high-quality trucks save costs through higher work efficiency and a longer lifespan.”

Jürgen Mielke, CEO of Becker Machine Construction, is also very pleased. “Thanks to its partners’ commitment and ideas, SITA has achieved an innovative and unique solution which is tailor-made for its use in waste disposal,” he says.


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Regional Sales Manager

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