During Experience High Strength Steel Day, SSAB guests visited four inconspicuous houses near the departments for technical research and development. Although the event occurred in November and the weather was bleak, once inside, the guests soon discovered the houses were warm and cozy.

Additionally, it seemed to the guests as if the heat was radiating from the ceiling, but this is only partially true. Prelaq Energy Interior efficiently reflects the underfloor heating of the houses, and also adds the heat that we radiate ourselves. In fact, the energy efficiency is so great, the body feels it immediately after entering the building.

During the summer, two of the research houses make use of Prelaq Energy Exterior instead. The product is delivered with a special pre-painted coating that reflects most of the sunlight, and according to research, it can save up to 35% of the cooling needs in a building.

It was these heat-reflective properties that made Prelaq Energy Exterior the best choice for the exterior surface of the Swedish Pavilion at Expo 2010, the World Trade Fair in Shanghai.

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