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Corrugated steel yields a lightweight trailer


Main chassis frame members

The two 30-odd metre long main chassis frame members have also been modified. They are made of a hot-rolled, extra-high strength steel with a yield strength of 700 MPa. This represents an upgrading compared to the earlier steel grade with a strength of 355 MPa. The material thickness has been reduced here by up to a half. All of these changes together have resulted in a trailer that is 1000 kg or around 15 percent lighter.

The designers also studied aluminium as an alternative, but the costs would have spiralled to unreasonable levels. The choice of advanced high strength steel resulted in the best combination of weight saving and production economy.

Ready to face the market

During the whole of the two-year development period, LeciTrailer has worked with universities, industrial designers and materials experts from suppliers. Before production is started, LeciTrailer expects a gradual increase in demand for its new trailer. The company will invest in new production equipment, including new laser welders, for meeting the expected rise in production rate. The production capacity will be around 40 trailers a day.

The new trailer design opens the door to new export markets. Freight costs have so far been a constraint, but the new trailer can be broken down into sections and can be shipped in a container.

”This gives us entirely new opportunities for growing on export markets,” says Carlos Martin Lafuente, and continues by explaining the importance of the nomination for the Swedish Steel Prize.

“This offers conclusive proof that we have thought correctly in our work, and we are proud and pleased that we are one of the four nominated companies for this year’s prize.

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