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Clean houses in the Netherlands with Prelaq Clean

SSAB's building material Prelaq Clean has given architects and developers new opportunities for exciting, durable façade concepts. The material's self-cleaning properties allow light, exciting and durable façade solutions. The architects who designed the De Grote Prins housing project in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, have used Prelaq Clean in an exciting façade solution where the self-cleaning external surface is expected to reduce maintenance costs and to keep the building looking new.


Light, aesthetic and maintenance-free material that keeps facades looking like new

Prelaq Clean is a new prepainted steel sheet for roofing and wall cladding. The external surface has self-cleaning properties, which makes the material ideal for buildings that must meet high aesthetic demands. Underlying the self-cleaning properties is a special additive that is mixed into the paint. The result is a paint coat that prevents dirt and impurities from sticking and which are effectively rinsed away by the rain.  The paint coat is highly weather- and wear-resistant.

When the architects planned the new De Grote Prins housing project they strived to achieve a light, façade concept that would keep looking like new. The light façade solution was considered important to provide the housing with a clear personality and enhanced property value. At the same time it was necessary to consider of future maintenance costs and to create a reasonable solution for the owners.


Well-known facade material with new characteristics

Prelaq is a well-established brand among architects and construction companies worldwide. For decades, the prepainted steel sheet has shown that it meets high demands, demonstrating that it is durable in tough environments with high humidity, salt and pollutants. When SSAB launched Prelaq Clean and presented the new material to the group working on the De Grote Prins project, the material met their requirements. Prelaq Clean's combination of proven properties and new self-cleaning function fit the bill and opened the door for architects to create an attractive façade concept.


Prelaq Clean in housing project

Aesthetically pleasing façade material with proven durability that ranks among the market leaders.
The construction company and the architects could add new customer benefits through Prelaq Clean's self-cleaning properties.

Opportunity to create an optimal façade solution that helps to lower maintenance costs and improve the housing environment.

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