SSAB launches GreenCoat color-coated steel solutions to the global building industry.


  • PLX for famous building in London

    The Eel Pie Hotel first rose to fame in the 1960s as a venue that hosted many artists that would soon rise to world fame, including The Rolling Stones, The Who, Eric Clapton and David Bowie. The hotel has since burnt down but the residential island, located in the middle of London's River Thames, is still renowned for its artistic community.

  • GreenCoat Steel for Swedish Hospital

    GreenCoat is a colour coated steel sheet product which contributes to sustainable environmental development. GreenCoat is a patented colour system where rapeseed methyl ester, RME, and other natural oils replace a large part of the traditional solvents. It reduces environmental impact in the manufacturing process, but also helps to give the coating a range of other benefits.

  • Self-cleaning facades in the Netherlands

    SSAB's building material color coated Clean has given architects and developers new opportunities for exciting, durable façade concepts. The material's self-cleaning properties allow light, exciting and durable façade solutions.

  • Industrial doors more colorful thanks to SSAB’s color coated product Energy

    Industrial doors from the Swedish company Prido open the gates to the future for truck manufacturer Scania. In a few years, Scania will increase the service with new workshops all over the world. Every new facility will have industrial doors delivered by Prido.


GreenCoat - a sustainable development

The film decribing the benefits

GreenCoat PLX for roofs

The film decribing its formability at minus degrees