Welding and thermal cutting technologies are fundamental to engineering and manufacturing. Nearly everything we use in daily life is either welded or thermal cut, or made by equipment that is either welded or thermal cut.

Thermal cutting is an important operation in producing sheets to size, removing waste material, making weld joint preparation and removing defects.

Welding is also a very important operation in order to make strong and durable connection between materials.

SSAB has deep knowledge in welding and thermal cutting especially in the fields of fusion welding, resistance welding, laser cutting as well as plasma arc cutting. In order to give our customers the best guidance as possible, SSAB has put together its knowledge in:

  • Welding handbooks
  • Brochures
  • Software
  • Steelfacts

The software WeldCalc and WeldCostCalc can be found under Tools. Steelfacts, also found under Tools, gives valuable information when welding Domex and Docol.