SSAB offers different kinds of educations that are built on many years of experience about how High Strength Steel can be used in the most efficient way. Usually we arrange educations in any of our production sites but tailor made educations can also be done for customers at their sites.

Our base offer of educations are:

Steel and applications

"Steel and applications" is a basic education specifically specifically tailored made for your new employees or for those who have new tasks related to steel use. The program provides a broad overview of High Strength Steel and its' potential use in different applications. Study visits of the production facilities are also included and are often highly appreciated elements during the training.

Industry Specific Technical Seminars

An education where we look more into deep technical aspects. SSAB specialists within Knowledge Service Center discuss structural design, forming and welding/thermal cutting of High Strength Steel. This education is suitable for technicians that work with structural design and/or production engineering.