The group has the main focus on customer support, e.g. delivering information about how to optimize a certain process, based on geometry of application and steel grade aim to be used. Usually, FE-simulations of the forming process are performed, if information such as 3D-drawings is available from customer side. Beside this also practical forming test can be made in our in-house laboratory.

When coming to the point of choosing tooling material, in combination with our Advance High strength Steel grades, this team has also a big experience within this field also cooperating with a big well known tool steel company. Internally, the group is also working with different standard formability tests, delivering data available for our customers via our web site. Regarding tooling steel selection, a guideline has recently been launched, also available on this web site.

About the state of the art within the area of forming Advanced High Strength Steel, the Forming Technology group is continuously participating different types of research programs going on worldwide.