With WeldCalc 2.0 the user can choose the properties most important in a given welded construction. For example, whether to prioritise optimum toughness in the joint or optimum production efficiency. The new web-based interface and features like export/import make the results easier to calculate and apply.

WeldCalc 2.0 gives you:

  • A professional tool for optimizing welding procedures with Weldox, Hardox and Domex or combinations of different steel grades and thicknesses.
  • An optimized tolerance box regarding suitable heat inputs and preheat temperatures for a specific welding situation.
  • A web-based easy-access interface with functions for saving, opening and editing your welding cases to make it even easier to apply the results.
  • Recommendations for welding processes of MAG-welding, MMAwelding, SAW, TIG-welding, Laser welding, Laser-hybrid welding and Plasma welding.

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