Mobile App

With the app you always have access to data sheets and workshops. You can also search for our stock material or do a product search.

App functions

App Functions

In addition to our mobile app we have also made some of the features available here at our web.


WearCalc 2.0

The new WearCalc™ 2.0 software allows you to quickly and easily calculate the relative service life of abrasion-resistant spare parts (Hardox)


WeldCalc 2.0

WeldCalc is an interactive welding technology tool designed specifically for use with Weldox, Domex and Hardox or combinations of different materials.



Find out information on some of our steel grades (Domex and Docol)

Prelaq Web calculator

Prelaq web calculator

Calculate how various factors affect the flow of energy in a building (Prelaq)



WeightCalc gives an idea of what thickness to use when switching to our High Strength Steels (Domex, Docol)


Instant ValueCalc

Instant ValueCalc™ calculates the economic and environmental savings when upgrading to SSAB steels (Hardox, Domex)