For this reason, the German Le Coiffeur Pulling Team has for several years used connecting rods made out of Toolox 44 in its engines.

“Previously, we had problems with connecting rods that broke and damaged the engine,” says Bodo Otte, Le Coiffeur technician. “The new connecting rods are much stronger and more durable. We were the first to solve the problem, and have helped six different teams throughout Europe to switch to Toolox.”

A Dutch team advised Le Coiffeur to use a frame made of the high strength steel Domex, which was then created by SSAB partner Ferro Umformtechnik in Stadtlohn. For Bodo Otte, the steel’s elasticity and high strength convinced him this was the right choice.

“High rpms make the gigantic engine move in the direction of rotation,” Otte says. “The welded tube frame used in most pulling tractors is very rigid. It often gets bent and needs to be completely replaced. The new Domex frame bends and yields to the strong pressure from the engine and then springs back. Because it’s bolted instead of welded, we can replace individual parts instead of the whole frame.”

Fired up by their success, the European champions are currently working on a new and even more powerful engine – with high strength steel from SSAB.

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