“We have delivered approximately 36,000 square meters of roof panels and 14,000 square meters of wall panels.” There will be wall panels, roof panels, and floor panels. “The building is divided into two floors, we also did the mezzanine level,” said Jonas Granberg, former sales engineer, Plannja.

The data center consists of three server rooms. The total surface area is equivalent to more than eleven football fields. It is the largest of its kind in Europe and the single largest business establishment in Luleå since the ironworks was built during the 1940s. There was much secrecy surrounding the negotiations on where in Europe Facebook would build, in the end the choice was Luleå.

The cold climate which provides natural cooling of the servers, access to renewable energy, skilled labor and a good business climate were some of the reasons. In addition, Luleå has not had a power outage since 1979.

“After investigating options around Europe, we decided that Luleå offered the best overall solution,” said Tom Furlong, head of Facebook's new establishment.

Plannja was involved in the process from an early stage in order to supply construction materials to the buildings. The vicinity, the ability to build making effective use of resources, and substantial experience made Plannja a winner.

Prelaq's coating was the first choice and the architect wanted special colors, Sage and Graphite, two different shades of shimmering gray.