– “The architects have chosen Prelaq Energy from SSAB for the roof and external walls. SSAB is sponsoring the construction of the pavilion and proposed that material from SSAB be used, namely Prelaq Energy which reflects heat. It’s very hot in Shanghai," says Roy Johansson, project manager for Prelaq Energy.                  

Roof and wall material saves energy thanks to thermal characteristics
Prelaq Energy from SSAB is a newly-developed Swedish façade and roofing sheet which reduces the need for artificial cooling indoors in hot climates. Prelaq Energy has characteristics which contribute to reducing energy consumption in buildings by up to 15 percent. The secret lies in the sheet's organic coating mixtures and pigments which manage to regulate inward heat radiation and contribute to a comfortable indoor climate. Prelaq Energy is available in a number of colors. The colors have different thermal dissipation characteristics.
– "With this material, it will be possible to reduce energy consumption throughout the year, at the same time as the indoor climate becomes more comfortable," explains Roy Johansson. The largest area of use is within commercial and public properties, where cooling and heating costs are often significant.

Expo 2010

Expo 2010

Caption 1:

Prelaq Energy is a new material for roof and wall covering both indoors and outdoors. Thermal characteristics generate up to 15 percent lower energy costs. External use is illustrated to the left and internal use to the right.

Correct temperature at lower cost 
Prelaq Energy is available in two variants, one for external use and the other for internal walls and ceilings. The external variant of the material reflects and dissipates heating from the building.
     –"The result is a lower external temperature in the roof and façades, which greatly reduces the heat which is normally transferred into the buildings," says Roy Johansson. The need to add indoor cooling is reduced considerably. This results in lower energy consumption, improved temperature regulation, lower operating costs and a reduced impact on the environment. In addition, wear and tear is reduced thanks to smaller temperature changes in the material, which has a major positive impact on lifespan.

Energy-efficient property operation
The indoor version of Prelaq Energy provides other effects. Here, the material utilizes all small heat sources which are normally present in a building, such as lamps, computers, machines as well as people, and everything else that generates indoor heat. In this case, the heat is reflected back into the building, which reduces the need to add heating.
     – "The small, natural heat sources in the buildings represent a major heat resource which is seldom utilized efficiently," explains Roy Johansson. "Prelaq Energy contributes to more energy-efficient property operation". The saving potential as regards energy consumption is considerable and, with ever increasing energy prices, the economic benefit is increasing the whole time.

Expo 2010

Caption 2: Prelaq Energy is available for external and internal use. In conjunction with external use, inward heat radiation is reflected and the need for cooling reduced, while with internal use local heat sources in the building are better utilized and the need for heating is reduced.

Prelaq Energy is currently available in a limited range of colors. The different colors provide slightly different thermal qualities. SSAB has begun developing a fact bank which will contain product facts as well as instructions and advice regarding different applications.
– "We can provide qualified support and service to our customers and, with our simulation model, we can provide advanced customer support as regards the best coverings from an energy perspective," concludes Roy Johansson.

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