Joint tests of benefit to everyone

The Bavarian Bergauer company and SSAB have long been running joint tests to arrive at solutions that would ensure a longer useful life – cooperation that benefits both parties


To find solutions for a longer useful life

Having been founded in 1961 for repairing track shoes for tracked vehicles, Bergauer broadened its portfolio to include the repair and maintenance of a wide range of other machine and wear parts. This includes the production and repair of excavator buckets, equipment for rock quarries, and wear parts for the recycling industry in the form of hammers and knives. Bearing in mind the aggressive wear to which the machine parts are subjected, the company always needs high quality steels in which high strength is combined with high impact strength. Bergauer specified Hardox for the first time in 1978 and has been a faithful customer ever since.


Joint tests

A series of joint tests on Hardox has strengthened the bond between the companies.

The tests enable us to analyze wear-related problems. Both SSAB and we work towards finding solutions that extend the useful life which, in turn, translates into improved profitability for all concerned. Wear parts made of Hardox wear plate last longer, need less maintenance, and lower the total life cycle costs,says Robert Bergauer and recalls a recent example from a recycling company:

After only six months of service in a shredder for binders, files and office paper, the 40 hammers were so deformed and partially destroyed that the machine no longer
worked. This happened even though the manufacturer had sent a set of spare parts free of charge.

The manufacturer blamed the breakdown on ‘foreign objects’. However, the problem was that the hammers with a hardness of around 320 HBW deformed and broke
up when they struck the anvil, and the splinters flying around then accelerated the damage to the shredder.

In consultation with SSAB, we suggested using Hardox 500 and 600. The machine has now been in operation for more than a month and the plant manager is pleased with both the speed at which we succeeded in solving the problem and with the competitive price we had quoted, says Robert Bergauer.


Longer useful life and scope for finding new fields of operation

Robert Bergauer is impressed by the direct and active contacts that he and his company have established with SSAB and its technical personnel.

These contacts are particularly valuable when wear-related problems occur in a stone quarry or on a building worksite. This high quality technical support has often enabled us to manage difficult orders and discover new fields of operation.

“Valuable assistance on wear-related problems”

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