Hardox In My Body is your guarantee of genuine Hardox wear plate.

Hardox In My Body™ is SSAB’s trademark program for helping SSAB’s customers show that their product is made of Hardox wear plate. By putting the Hardox In My Body sign on the equipment high quality equipment manufacturers all over the world show that their product has the extreme wear protection that is required. Hardox combats cracks, dents and especially wear, so make sure that the equipment you buy has the Hardox In My Body sign as a sign of quality.

Hardox in my body™ is our quality guarantee for Hardox in truck bodies, dumpers, containers and buckets. It implies a light, tough and strong design with a guarantee from the producer that the wear structure is made of Hardox wear plate.

The leading producers of truck bodies, dumper bodies, containers and buckets have a Hardox In My Body™ licence, allowing them to put the Hardox In My Body™ sign on their products.

Hardox In My Body Verificator

Verification of the signs

Each sign has a unique 8-digit identity number. The distribution of Hardox In My Body signs is controlled in detail. You can trace the producer of a product by typing in the 8-digit number in the Hardox In My Body™ Verificator below.