Combining low weight with high strength

Samson Agro has been developing and manufacturing agricultural machinery, particularly manure spreaders, for more than 65 years. Their high-end products have been made industry leaders.


Staying ahead of the competition requires continuous improvement, and to this end the constant challenge is minimizing weight. “When designing our manure spreaders, we need to keep the weight down so that they can carry as much manure as possible,” says Martin Nielsen, Head of Procurement at Samson Agro. “Our products might be the most expensive on the market, but that is because they are the best, and we have very high requirements on the materials we use.”


Currently Samson Agro use Domex in all high-tension areas of their manure spreaders, such as the chassis and the wheel axels on their slurry tankers, due to its combination of high strength and low weight, which helps improve the efficiency of their machines. It has also proven useful for small vital parts, such as brakes, that need to be exceptionally strong and durable yet still fit within their small physical limitations.
 “Domex makes it possible to design a lightweight, compact construction but it is also strong, which means we can remove supporting structures for further weight reduction,” adds Nielsen.

“We are very satisfied with SSAB’s product and know-how.”


SSAB has supplied Samson Agro for nearly 30 years and the two companies enjoy a good working relationship. They also value Domex’s reliability and consistency, which is always the same high quality with no deviations.


Jens Boje

Regional Sales Manager

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Through the use of Domex, Samson Agro can reduce the weight of their machines, which in turns increases capacity and productivity.