• Updated workshop recommendations for Armox

    Now there is a new version of the Workshop recommendations brochure for Armox. Here you will find recommendations for cutting, welding, bending and machining.

  • Armox makes SUVs bulletproof

    Looking through the customer list of British Armour, a manufacturer of ballistic protected cars, you’ll see – in addition to the UN – names of presidents and police agencies. “Personal safety is high on the agenda these days,” says CEO Finn Wattenberg, who has seen the company’s turnover rise 20 percent every year.

  • Safe Swedish Embassy in Washington

    The unique Swedish Embassy building in Washington – the House of Sweden – was opened in 2006. The atmosphere here is one of openness and transparency. However the building is protected by Armox - the world’s strongest protection plate.


ARMOX 370T has the highest toughness in our range

Its superior toughness makes this steel a common choice for applications with high requirments on blast protection. The purity and composition of the steel also makes the steel easy to process, including excellent properites for welding and bending.

ARMOX ADVANCE is the hardest steel in the market

It is so hard it seriously challenges the hardness of ceramic plates. But it still offers all the advantages of steel, including the toughness required for withstanding multi-hits and the machinability to simplify your design and production process.