The most common method used for fusion welding of the Docol AHSS steels is gas metal arc welding (GMAW). Another name for this method of welding is MAG (metal active gas) or in some countries also called MIG.

As shielding gas a mixed gas of argon (Ar) and carbon dioxide (CO2) is recommended (M21). All kind of GMAW can be used e.g. manual, automatic and with robot. Other methods sometimes used for fusion welding of these Docol AHSS are tungsten inert welding (TIG), manual metal arc welding (MMA), plasma welding (PAW) and laser welding. The following text is concentrated only to GMAW.

Filler metals recommended for GMAW of the three Docol AHSS are shown in the table below. Only solid wires are mentioned inte the table, since the use of cored wires for welding of cold rolled sheet steel is still less common. However, cored wires can also very well be used.

Only welding wires of very high tensile strength are included in the table below. However, if the welds are placed in low stress areas, welding wires of lower tensile strength can also be used.

Filler metals recommended for GMAW of Docol 1000 DP and Docol 1200 M. 

Steel grade
Gas metal arc welding Solid wire
Docol 1000 DP
AWS A5.28 ER 100S-G,
AWS A5.28 ER 11XS-X,
AWS A5.28 ER 12XS-X,
Docol 1200 M AWS A5.28 ER11 XS-X,
AWS A5.28 ER 12 XS-X,