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Metal coated steels
Advanced high strength steel AHHS metal coated

Dogal HSLA steels

Formability with high guaranteed yield strength

Dogal HSLA steels are high-strength low-alloy steels that are hot-dip metal coated for corrosion protection. These steels are designed for applications that require galvanic corrosion protection and good formability in relation to high guaranteed yield strength.

The automotive industry has seen the benefits of Dogal HSLA in applications like suspension components, car seat frames and windscreen wipers. Thanks to the combination of high strength and good formability of these steels, they provide great balance of load-bearing capacity and weight in such applications.  Galvanic corrosion protection of these zinc-based coated products makes them ideal for wet area components.

These Dogal HSLA steels are suitable for bending, profiling and even for light drawing. They utilize a lean alloying level together with low carbon content, micro-alloying elements and grain refining, resulting in a unique combination of mechanical properties and weldability. A low variation in mechanical properties makes them highly suitable for automated production processes in workshops.

Dogal HSLA steels can be provided in compliance with VDA 239-100 or OEM specification upon request.