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Toolox engineering and tool steel
Toolox 33 engineering and tool steel

Toolox 33

The prehardened, exceptionally clean tool and engineering steel

Toolox® 33 is a prehardened steel suitable for tools and engineering components. It possesses good dimensional stability after machining.

Delivered in quenched and tempered condition, Toolox 33 features high impact toughness and very low residual stresses to achieve good dimensional stability after machining. Toolox 33 is suitable for mold and dies as well as tooling and engineering components. By using the proper surface engineering methods, you can significantly extend the service life of your tools and components.

High-strength engineering tool steel

The new generation of tool steel.

Toolox 44 engineering and tool steel

Toolox 33 in knife support cuts downtime at recycling plant

Customer case

Toolox for recycling equipment

Customer case
Customer case - Toolox for recycling equipment

Toolox 33 improves recycling machine performance

Spanish machining workshop Herso SL has long been specializing in machinery for the plastics and rubber industry. Companies often turn to Herso as their first choice for meeting their machinery maintenance needs. That’s just what happened when a recycling plant decided they needed to repair their recycling equipment for rubber car tires.

The challenge

Herso knows that guaranteeing high-quality steels for recycling equipment is crucial — something that’s increasingly difficult to control using conventional alloy steels. The market often offers a mix of steels with different origins and therefore different properties. And most steel distributors don’t state who has manufactured the steel, complicating quality control even more. The company needed to fully assure high quality while not raising the price to its end customer.

The solution

For two of the most sensitive components in the machine, Herso decided to use Toolox 33. Since Toolox 33 plates are tested individually and come with a product certificate stating the test values, Herso gained peace of mind knowing exactly what their steel contained. Manufactured in quenched and tempered plates, Toolox exhibits a more homogenous structure than the large, forged round bars that would have been the alternative.

Customer case - Toolox for recycling equipment

Customer benefits

Using Toolox, Herso can expect increased overall performance of the recycling machine pieces. The Toolox plates bring the following benefits:

  • Higher strength along with increased crack resistance
  • Measured and guaranteed quality
  • Less machining and consumption of inserts
  • Oxy-cutting capabilities without the risk of cracks or excessive hardness in the edge, thanks to the low carbon content of the steel
Toolox 33 in recycling equipment

Available Standards

EN 10029

Dimension Range

Toolox 33 is available as plates in thicknesses between 6 - 130 mm. Other dimensions can be available on request.

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