Luleå, Sweden

Luleå is a good city to live in and a city that is constantly growing. Near the city center, which is full of activities, the archipelago and the countryside are on your doorstep. Luleå is a real cultural and sports-minded city, and if you are interested in sports you can watch hockey and basketball at the elite level.

In Luleå you can also visit Norrbottensteatern (The Norrbotten regional theater), Norrbottens Museum and Kulturens Hus (the House of Culture) with concert halls and art galleries which host great artists and painters. Filmpool North, which is Sweden's second largest regional production center for movie and TV production, has made Luleå and Norrbotten a well known film region in Europe.

Here you will also find Sweden's most northernmost university, “Luleå University of Technology” (LTU). The House of Technology, which is a science center, is a popular excursion destination located near the campus.

Luleå is a diverse city with something for everyone to enjoy. During 2010-2011 Luleå came first in SCB's (Sweden's Central Bureau of Statistics) annual survey measuring how satisfied residents are with the municipality's recreational offerings. One of the most popular activities is the natural ice rink that the Recreation Department prepares each year, which stretches from North Harbor around Gültzaudden to the South Harbor. Around the rink, which is accessible on foot or by cross-country skiing or skating, there are numerous picnic areas.

Being employed at SSAB in Luleå

As an employee at SSAB in Luleå there are numerous activities organized for you and your family by NJA's staff trust. The trust offers corporate sports activities, a recreation committee and a wellness center.

Within the corporate sports club you will find activities such as skiing, badminton, tennis and golf and the recreation committee offers activities such as carpentry, photography, camping, fishing, hunting and snowmobiling.

Each year, trips and activities for employees and families are organized at an employee discount. Past activities include a bus trip to Jokkmokk market, SSAB day at the ski area Storklinten and trips to Skellefteå to visit the adventure house Boda Borg and a tour of the gardens.

Near the western guarded entrance you will find SSAB's own sports facility "The Wellness Center". All SSAB employees, including spouses and children up to 21 years of age, can train there for free. The Wellness Center offers a modern gym with classes in areas such as spinning and muscle pump. In addition, a gymnasium, a bowling alley, and a tennis court are available.