• The safest Ultra High Strength Steel with an electro galvanized coating
  • A cost-effective alternative to hot stamped boron steel, aluminum and other lightweight materials
  • Available for testing and prototyping from our trial material stock, which is unique in both the steel and automotive industry
  • Superior value added services, experience and support through the Docol automotive team
  • Highest quality and consistent Ultra High Strength Steel properties with a lean chemical composition for excellent weldability

Your advantages:

Cost savings

Besides supporting you in obtaining the highest crash performance and safety in production, Docol 1400 MZE provides you with many other important benefits. One of them is cost-efficiency. As a cold forming steel, less energy is needed for trimming processes than with hot stamped boron steel. This allows for more productivity and can translate directly to cost savings for you. Furthermore, Docol 1400 MZE is also more cost-effective than other lightweight materials like aluminum, magnesium and carbon fiber reinforced plastics.

Unique trial material stock

Yet another benefit is our trial material stock, which is unique in both the steel and automotive industry. We have a large variety of Docol AHSS/UHSS in stock, which is ready to be sent to you for prototyping and testing at a moments notice.

Forming and Welding

Docol 1400 MZE can be welded using all standard methods thanks to its very lean chemical composition. Complex shapes can also be formed using both stamping and roll forming techniques, using standard production equipment.


Docol productionThe unique strength and technical properties of Docol 1400 MZE allow you to reduce the amount of material needed for manufacturing an application by utilizing thinner dimensions.
At the same time, conventional production equipment can be used in production. This combination not only makes production more efficient, but also increases the number of parts you can produce with
Docol 1400 MZE as opposed to hot stamped boron steel.